Ch.10 Breaking off the Engagment

This time, we see a sliver of Lillina’s prowess in battle. Sana too.

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Status update

So I know there has been little activity on my part but basically I have been shut out of my laptop . I can’t access my user account because whenever I click on my account it says user login cannot be accessed?? I keep restarting and still the same thing. I have tried a method where I make a new account which kind of worked but I got locked out of that new account again because of the same reason. But even though I had temporary access to a new account, I lost all my translation work (about 3 chapters worth), personal documents and programs (like the ones that help me translate) .

I really don’t know how I can access my old account with all the files and I don’t have another laptop I can use. honestly my current laptop is nearing its end and I have to save up for a new one somehow?? And the new laptop has to be capable of digital art as well

I’ve been typing this out on my tablet which is a pain. I don’t plan on dropping this project, but someone can pick it up if they want lol ??? I would really appreciate if someone could help me resolve my laptop issue so I could get back into the swing of things.

Tldr; laptop not working , lost my translation, completely disheartened.